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ElegAnt Solutions offers its wide expertise in antenna and RF design to become your knowledgeable partner in building new wireless solutions and radio frequency applications in general. Within this professional field, ElegAnt Solutions specializes in the design of electrically small yet high performance antennas, wideband antennas, and E- or H-field-excited antennas as an interesting alternative to galvanically connected antennas. But you are just as well welcome to simply have the RF performance checked of your newly developed wireless application board, with for instance a balun and/or printed antenna.

Our mission: to deliver theoretically sound and elegant practical solutions to the various radio frequency challenges clients choose to share with us.

Our product: a variety of services, ranging from a radio propagation analysis or design feasibility report, to a prototype antenna or RF circuit.

Sideline activity: Translation services English to Dutch and German to Dutch of technical documents, such as student textbooks and manuals, in the field of telecommunications, computers and technology in general.

updated June 4, 2021