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December 2015 - ElegAnt Solutions exists 11 years now, and the past few years we have carried out a number of interesting RF projects again. The number of translation projects however has gained share. ElegAnt Solutions is particularly proud to have been selected, in 2014, to provide a detailed technical review of the draft version for the revised and extended second edition of The Art and Science of Ultrawideband Antennas written by Dr. Hans G. Schantz (Artech House, 2015; ISBN 13: 978-1-60807-955-1, 563 pages).

Apart from this book, the library of ElegAnt Solutions has also been enriched by the acquisition of an interesting and insight offering book written by Dr. Joel P. Dunsmore, one of the veterans of the former HP company who have developed the well-known HP8753-series of vector network analyzers: Handbook of Microwave Component Measurements with Advanced VNA Techniques (Wiley, 2012; ISBN 9781119979555, 611 pages).





September 2011 - Recently ElegAnt Solutions' library could be extended with two nice, classic, standard works on radio and antennas:


William I. Orr: The Radio Handbook Fifteenth Edition (Editors and Engineers, Ltd., 1959)
S.A. Schelkunoff and H.T. Friis: Antennas, Theory and Practice (Wiley, 1952)

The latter book offers really interesting material for the study of wideband antennas. Author Harald T. Friis is well known for his formulas on radio transmission and receiver noise.




July 2009 - In September 2009, ElegAnt Solutions will celebrate its 5th anniversary with a special offer. The first 80 contract hours worked for you within the month of September 2009 will be charged at 20% below the normal rate. You are warmly invited to take advantage of this offer, irrespective of whether you are an existing customer or a new customer!




Year-end 2008 - 2008 was a year with satisfactory business results. We have welcomed some new customers who are active in the field of remote sensing, with very interesting projects going on. In 2009, ElegAnt Solutions will celebrate its 5th anniversary and it is with confidence that we look forward to the new year. If necessary in this time of economic downturn, we have sufficient reserves available. As a client you can be assured of continuity. ElegAnt Solutions wishes all of its customers and other relations a successful new year, with many creative ideas and challenging new wireless projects!




May 2008 - Two new library investments of ElegAnt Solutions:

Ghavami, Michael and Kohno: Ultra Wideband signals and Systems in Communication Engineering (Wiley, 2007)
Allen, Dohler, Okon, Malik, Brown and Edwards: Ultra-wideband Antennas and Propagation for Communications, Radar and Imaging (Wiley, 2007)



February 2008 - Already for some time, ElegAnt Solutions is gaining insight in, and experience with, the design of multi-octave, omnidirectional (ultra) wideband antennas. Antennas for instance for the transmission or reception of DVB-T broadcasts in the higher VHF and UHF range between 200 and 850 MHz, or antennas for UWB pulse communications in the GHz range.

Often, antenna designs are called wideband or broadband as soon as they exhibit a low return loss over a wide range of frequencies (e.g. logperiodic antennas, the discone antenna, the biconical or spherical dipole). However, it is also important to consider issues like dispersion and radiation pattern. Biggest challenge in designing good multi-octave wideband antennas is suppression of higher order resonance current distributions. Multiple current maxima along the antenna body cause frequency dependent sidelobes in the radiation pattern of the antenna. The broad main lobe for lower frequencies splits up into multiple sidelobes at higher frequencies. This may result in unwanted effects such as coverage problems on particular higher-frequency DVB-T channels, or angle dependent UWB pulse distortion.
Condition number one for a true frequency-invariant antenna is that its structure should be self-similar. Therefore there is a natural link to fractal geometries. Certain fractal structures excited as antenna indeed suppress higher order resonance modes, such as the Sierpinski gasket dipole (picture). This is one of the antenna structures currently under study at ElegAnt Solutions.




November 2007 - ElegAnt Solutions celebrated its 3rd anniversary in September (2007), and is currently working a.o. on the design of special antennas for UHF RFID application.




September 2006 - Some recent investments of ElegAnt Solutions:

Novex P-20 Binocular microscope
Weller WSL Soldering station with WMP precision soldering iron

Schantz: The Art and Science of Ultrawideband Antennas (Artech House, 2005)
Miron: Small Antenna Design (Newnes/Elsevier, 2006)
Balanis: Antenna Theory 3rd Edition (Wiley, 2005)




May 2006 - As from July 1, 2006, ElegAnt Solutions will discontinue its stepped tariff structure for antenna & RF design. All contracts with a starting date after July 1 will be based on a single and fixed hour rate.





December 2005 - The number of RF design jobs granted to ElegAnt Solutions showed a strong revival in the last quarter. Most of the jobs involved the development of integrated antennas for applications where the space available for antennas is very limited. Own development: compact directional antennas for 5 GHz WLAN following IEEE802.11a (picture).





August 2005 - ElegAnt Solutions has entered a business partnership with translation agency Krivaja Translations ( to work together offering swift and high-quality translations English to Dutch and German to Dutch to publishers of technical/scientific texts (textbooks, magazines, manuals).