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ElegAnt Solutions (since Sept 2004)

bullet Antenna design consultancy (3T)
bullet Translation and book print of the 700-page classical textbook Antennas, Theory and Practice by Schelkunoff & Friis (own project)
bullet Verification of RF-interface and antenna, antenna design consultancy (Inspiro)
bullet Antenna design consultancy (Bithium SA)
bullet Antenna design consultancy (Nedap Light Controls)
bullet Verification of existing RF-interface, antenna design consultancy,  (Kadex domotica)
bullet Translations German-Dutch of specialist technical documents (EnergyTranslations)
bullet Measurements to, and optimization of, RF-circuits and antennas of the wireless control unit of a staircase elevator (Handicare)
VNA- and SA-measurements to third-party circuit design (Skedio Circuits)
Antenna measurements to a wireless payment terminal (Chess ET)
Optimization of the antenna for Zigbee-nodes, for use under special conditions (Pentanovation)
Demonstration of the functional feasibility of a new wireless concept and subsequently the design of appropriate antennas and RF-electronics (mmI-Innovations)
Evaluation and redesign of the RF interfaces of 2.4 GHz ZigBee applications (Astrotec Holding, Nedap)
Continued development of integrated antennas for 868 MHz and 303 MHz wireless remote controls of staircase elevators (Nedap, several projects)
Investigation of near-field magnetic antennas for UHF RFID application (Nedap)
Propagation analysis and on-site installation of a custom-made antenna for the reception of RTV-Oost UHF TV-channel in a challenging non-line-of-sight case (RTV-Oost)
Design of miniature integrated antennas for 2.4 GHz Bluetooth wireless headsets (Sony Ericsson, several projects)
Co-translation English to Dutch of technical/scientific books, a.o. The Fabric Of The Cosmos by Brian Greene, Java for Students and Visual Basic for Students both by Bell&Parr, and Management Information Systems 9th edition by Laudon&Laudon (Krivaja Translations, several projects)
Technical translator for Dutch version of MIT Technology Review magazine (no longer existent) (Krivaja Translations)

Design of 5 GHz compact quad-yagi antenna array for IEEE802.11a WLAN-application (own development).

Nedap (2003-2004)

Design of integrated antennas for 868 MHz wireless remote control of staircase elevators

Design of dual-resonant high-Q magnetic loop antennas for 13.56 MHz RFID detection gates

Private (1998-2003)

Design of triple-frequency combiner filter for VHF/UHF TV with interference trap

Design of quad-array antennas for various applications such as VHF/UHF TV and WLAN
Development of a high performance 3-el compact quad-array antenna design concept

Design of portable 2-el 'HB9CV'-antenna for PMR application (446 MHz)

Design of a triple-frequency mobile antenna (GSM/HAM radio) + diplexer filter

Design of a tunable magnetic loop transmitting antenna for 3 to 8 MHz

SaRonix (2001-2002)

Development of a 9 X 14 mm SAW-based LVPECL-output voltage-controlled oscillator for SONET OC-12 (622.08 MHz)

National Semiconductor (2000-2001)

Study of lumped baluns for DECT; theory, simulation and experimental verification

Ericsson (1992-2000)

Feasibility study of integrated diversity antennas for Bluetooth cordless internet browser
Development of a Bluetooth radio concept for maximum microwave oven compliance

Radio link performance investigation of Bluetooth-based cordless phones
Creation of indoor radio propagation model for 2.4 GHz cordless applications

Extensive indoor radio propagation and signal tracing measurements at 2.4 GHz
Study of opportunities and constraints in the design of antennas for portable telephones

Redesign of 1.9 GHz RF frontend of 3rd generation DECT cordless phone
Design of a widebeam wall-mount antenna for outdoor DECT application
Development of deployment rules for outdoor DECT base stations
Wideband propagation measurements for DECT Wireless Local Loop applications
Creation of a 2-D radio propagation model for DECT Wireless Local Loop
Writing of Application Note on antennas and diversity for DECT
Creation of a 3-D radio performance prediction model for time-dispersive environments
Study on benefits of selection diversity for DECT applications in areas of high time delay spread
Design of integrated antenna for DECT portable telephone

Co-design of RF 1.9 GHz RF frontend for 1st generation DECT portable telephone

Philips Semiconductors (1988-1992)

Feasibility study integrated bipolar mixer-oscillator circuits for satellite-TV (1.4-2.3 GHz)

Application of frequency synthesizer IC (TSA5055T) in satellite-TV tuners

Co-design and application of a 480 MHz sat-TV PLL FM-demodulator IC with threshold extension (TDA8730)