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Twente University, faculty of Electrical Engineering
(Aug 1977 to Nov 1987)







Excerpt from graduation program:

Electronic Design:
  • Solid State Electronics
  • Electronic Design I, II and III
  • Advanced Level Electronics
  • Design and realisation of a differential transimpedance amplifier

EM-field Theory:
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Introduction to the Theory of Electromagnetic Fields

Microwave Technology:
  • Microwave Technology I (and II; unfinished however due to cancellation of lectures)
  • Microwave research; application of a vector network analyzer and Smith Charts

Antenna and Radio Propagation Theory:
  • Radio and Radar (TUE)
  • Antenna- and Propagation Theory (TUE)

Communication Technology:
  • Introduction to Telecommunications
  • Analog Communication Technology
  • Digital Communication Technology

Knowledge of Materials:
  • Introduction to Electrotechnical Materials

Reliability Engineering:
  • Reliability Engineering

Master's Thesis:
  • Design and Realisation of a D2-MAC compatible indoor unit for reception of DBS satellite- TV (Oct 1986 to Nov 1987, at Philips Consumer Electronics Video Predevelopment Laboratory Eindhoven)